Clean Room Softwall Partitions

Create clean room environments quickly and economically

Soft Wall Clean Room Partitions

Softwall Partitions can enclose or divide an existing area for use as a clean room.

The mounting frame which holds the overlapping strip curtains is attached to the ceiling or other support. Consisting of overlapping individual 6” to 48” strips, the strip system is an ideal solution for creating small clean rooms, dividing an existing clean rooms, welding stations or machinery containment where easy access is required. Individual strips are designed to hang straight and maintain their overlaps.

Installation of Softwall Partitions is much quicker and less expensive than self-supported clean room options. The mounting brackets are designed for multiple forms of attachment and easily accept all sizes of the overlapping strips. Utilizing Softwall Partitions is the fastest and most economical way to convert a portion of room or building to a clean room environment. Various materials of curtains are available ranging from ISO 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO 4 (Class 10) requirements.

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