Softwall Enclosure Cleanroom

Fixed clean room enclosure with solid softwalls to prevent unwanted walkthrough

Cleanroom Softwall Enclosure Wall and Door System

Solid softwalls are constructed from 48” wide sheets of strip curtain material that are RF welded to form solid walls.

These welded seams provide a permanent bond that is cleaner, stronger and better sealded than other closures such as snaps, Velcro or magnets. The solid curtain walls are enclosed with a portable frame system to create self-supported rooms or sections. They can also be used to further divide existing clean rooms or larger enclosures.

The latch and bolt together framework integrates with a self-supporting ceiling system, allowing enclosures to be fitted with HEPA filters, modular air conditioning units, lights or solid ceiling panels. The modular design allows custom size and shapes which can scale to meet changing needs. The framework also featues integrated attachment of the softwall curtains. Enclosures can be accessed with strip, sliding or swing door systems.

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